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About Us


Since 1968


Keyrouz Bakery was founded since 1968 in Jdeidet Ghazir, a small town in Lebanon where father and son work together as a family investment, producing home made products with ingredients fresh from the farm like cheese, laban, kishk, all “mooneh” products as well as meat, poultry and eggs.

As a renowned bakery, we produce variations in bread; from traditional Lebanese bread to European breads as well as all kind of pastries and sweets.

Keyrouz Bakery is monitored and supervised by owners that utilize their knowledge, experience and love of adventure in order to perfect their business. In the beginning of the third millenium they built at Jisr Al Basha their enormous and famous bakery where they reach good products and services.

Mission & Vision

We aim to resume supplying exceptional products and keeping our customers satisfied to a fare-three-well extent. We also seek to create new products and services, and cater to outstanding events. Our staff works fervently on innovating ground-breaking methods to make our variety of products as fresh and tasteful as possible.

The Management

Our establishment is one of the renowned family businesses. We recruit specialized people who lead the progress in our various depatments. This strategy gives our products a number one status in the Lebanese market.

Quality Assurance

It is of vital importance to us that products get produced while maintaining a stringment standard of quality, consistency and taste. We aim to retain this level of performance and constantly seek to perfect it further. The Keyrouz Bakery Assurance Program ensures that only the finest products are made for a quintessential taste and customer satisfaction. Local experts monitor every step of production; from manufacturing the products to display and packaging.